She Kicked Her Little Brother Out Of A Family Dinner After He Threw Her Dessert On The Ground And Made A Scene Because She Refused To Raise His Monthly Allowance

alfa27 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever given a family member money and then had to tell them no when they asked for more?

One woman recently told her younger brother to leave a family dinner after he threw a fit when she refused to give him $200 on top of the monthly allowance she sends him.

She’s 25 and has a 20-year-old brother. Her brother lives at home with their parents, and she lives in a small home with their partner. She earns around $33,000 a year and works in accounting, while her partner earns around $48,000.

“For some reason, my little brother thought that meant I was a cash cow, and since he’s unemployed, he’s been asking me for money monthly,” she explained.

“I give him $500 per month, which I think is way more than enough considering he doesn’t pay rent and isn’t in school.”

Recently, she went to dinner with her family, and her brother was there. With little to no shame, her brother asked her for an additional $200 on top of the monthly $500. She refused to give him more and tried to explain how sending him $500 puts enough financial stress on her as it is.

Unfortunately, her brother couldn’t take no for an answer and bugged her the entire dinner, hoping she’d eventually give in and agree to the $200.

Then, her brother asked her if her partner would give her the money, and she immediately said no, as her partner works very hard for his money, and he doesn’t really like her little brother because of the way he “mooches” off her.

“My brother started to raise his voice and throw a fit during dessert, and he threw my dessert, a creamy vanilla sundae that was delicious, on the floor, causing a scene,” she recalled.

alfa27 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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