She Told Her Stepmom That Her Dad Is Actively Looking For A New Wife, So Her Dad Cursed Her Out

aspenphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been in that uncomfortable situation when you’ve seen a friend or relative on a dating app? It’s even more uncomfortable when they are still in a relationship or have just broken up with someone.

One young woman recently had to tell her stepmom that her dad was actively looking for a new wife after finding him on a dating app.

She’s 22, and her 42-year-old dad was married to her 32-year-old stepmom for years. Recently, she decided to move in with her dad, and he told her that he and her stepmom separated two years ago.

However, the situation is very complicated. Her stepmom is five months pregnant with her dad’s baby, and she figured they were planning on getting back together since her stepmom was crashing at her dad’s house a lot.

But then, he admitted to her that he was planning on finding a new wife and didn’t want her stepmom around anymore.

“I never asked further questions because it’s not my business,” she said.

“Recently, he accidentally found my Tinder. He joked about it, and we laughed about it. A week later, my stepmom talked to me about how I should have fun dating in their small town. I told her, ‘This town is so small, Dad found my Tinder,’ and laughed. But she looked and sounded heartbroken.”

Her stepmom tearfully told her that her dad said she had to learn how to be a good wife and learn to ‘love herself’ before they could be together. She also admitted that even though they had split, her dad checked her phone to see if she was talking to anyone new.

She was heartbroken to learn how her dad had been mistreating her stepmom and leading her on, so she decided to tell her the truth.

aspenphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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