She’s Having Her Bachelorette Party This Weekend And Doesn’t Think It’s Appropriate For Her Maid Of Honor To Bring Her 3-Month-Old Baby

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This 24-year-old woman is currently engaged, and this weekend, she’s having her bachelorette party in Miami, Florida. So, she invited all of her bridesmaids, and together, they’d been planning the whole weekend for a while.

“We decided to rent a house to have a pool party and go clubbing in the evening,” she explained.

“I bought a copious amount of alcohol, a new speaker, and picked a party-friendly Airbnb so that we could blast music and drink the weekend away.

However, just last night, her 32-year-old maid of honor – who is also her future sister-in-law – threw her a curve ball. Apparently, her maid of honor texted and asked if she could also bring her baby, who is only 3-months-old, to the bachelorette party.

“My maid of honor said that she feels uncomfortable leaving the baby for the weekend,” she revealed.

For some context, her maid of honor has three kids in total and lives around one hour from the Airbnb. But, throughout all of the prep leading up to her bachelorette party, her maid of honor seemed super excited and even agreed to chip in for the total cost of the weekend.

That’s why the request really caught her off guard, and she wound up asking if her maid of honor could just come to the bachelorette party alone for the daytime portion as opposed to spending an evening away from the baby.

Yet, ever since she proposed that idea over text, her maid of honor hasn’t responded to her, and it’s left her feeling like the “bad guy” in this situation.

“And I know it may sound selfish, but if she doesn’t show up, then I’m going to be pretty upset, especially considering that she is my matron of honor,” she admitted.

littleny – – illustrative purposes only

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