She’s Refusing To Let Her Mom In The Delivery Room When She Has Her First Baby Because She Wants The Special Moment To Be Shared By Just Her And Her Boyfriend

T Hinrichsen/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman is currently pregnant, and she and her boyfriend are set to welcome their very first baby into the world in November.

She is also extremely close to her mom since she is an only child, and her mom raised her alone.

“She’s a single mother, and we’ve been through so much together,” she said.

But, despite their strong, tight-knit relationship, she still sometimes feels as though her mom just treats her like she’s a little girl.

Apparently, her mom has opinions on everything she does in life, has access to her location through her phone, and constantly calls and texts her whenever she’s out with her boyfriend. Her mom is also super excited to become a grandma.

“But when I told her I want the delivery room to have just my boyfriend there, she got very upset,” she recalled.

Her mom claimed to be the one and only person who has been there for her throughout her life. So, her mom feels like she “deserves” to be in the delivery room when her baby is born.

She, on the other hand, wants this new experience to be shared by just her and her boyfriend.

“I really just want to have peace and enjoy the special moment with my boyfriend,” she reasoned.

T Hinrichsen/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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