She’s Worth $4 Million Dollars But Still Expects Her Boyfriend To Repay Her The $7,000 She Loaned Him

luismolinero - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman owns three homes and is worth an eye-watering $4 million dollars. Within the first six months of dating her boyfriend, he asked if she would loan him some money.

She was happy to lend him the $7,000 he apparently needed, and they didn’t formally write up a contract for the loan, though she has text messages they sent back and forth regarding the cash.

However, even though she was generous on her part, her boyfriend clearly has no interest in repaying her and seems to be taking advantage of her financial status.

Whenever she asks her boyfriend to repay the loan she gave him, he gets quite upset with her and points out that she doesn’t need the money due to her incredible net worth.

“It’s not that I expect him to pay the full amount back; just $500 or $1,000 would show to me that he has some integrity in making an effort to pay me back,” she explained.

“Meanwhile, if he pays for maybe 10% of dates, he complains that he “does everything” in the relationship.”

“He’s also had a few occasions where he had higher pay/lower expenses (military deployment where his personal expenses dropped to less than $500/month), and rather than pay me back even a portion when he got back, he traded in his car twice, bought random car modification parts, and bought an Xbox and PlayStation.”

Interestingly enough, her boyfriend isn’t willing to discuss the money he owes her, but he is willing to talk about getting married to her.

She has mentioned to her boyfriend that she needs him to pay her back a tiny amount of the money to prove that he has integrity, and only then will she consider marrying him.

luismolinero – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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