His Girlfriend Wore A White Dress To His Sister’s Wedding And Bashed His Sister For Showing Off

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When you’re in a relationship, you would hope that your partner enjoys spending time around your family. It can feel like a slap to the face when they don’t.

One man recently ditched his girlfriend at his sister’s wedding after she continuously said mean and hurtful things about his relatives.

He’s 25 and has been dating his 24-year-old girlfriend for about a year. Unfortunately, over the last few months, things haven’t been going well between them.

Much of this stems from his girlfriend’s disrespectful behavior toward his family.

His family is Indian and follows many Indian traditions, especially around holidays. Once, he invited his girlfriend to one of his family’s religious celebrations, which he hoped she’d be honored about, and she trashed members of his family the entire time.

“My mother and sister had prepared a home-cooked Indian lunch, which she refused to eat and complained about the entire time,” he said.

“It is customary to have at least one bite of a sweet meal prepared at home, but she declined because she disliked it, and so on. My sister was the only one who supported our relationship, and even then, my girlfriend would often criticize her.”

His girlfriend occasionally comments about how his sister thinks “too highly of herself,” which he disagrees with. Amazingly, his sister has managed to brush off his girlfriend’s bad attitude.

When he and his girlfriend were invited to his sister’s wedding, he hoped she’d be a respectful wedding guest, as it would only be one night, and his entire family would be in attendance.

IVASHstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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