She Slapped Her Husband Because He Wouldn’t Stop Accusing Her Of Having A Relationship With His Married Friend

brizmaker - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband have been together for nearly 10 years now, but just yesterday, their marriage hit a breaking point.

Recently, her husband has begun accusing her of being in a relationship with his friend named Mike, who is also married.

“This friend and I barely even talk, and when we do, it’s always in a group setting or something really innocent,” she said.

Nonetheless, her husband has repeatedly accused her of being unfaithful, and while they were having dinner yesterday, he started questioning her out of nowhere again.

First, he asked if she was “sure” that nothing was going on between her and Mike while staring at her very suspiciously. The question immediately made her blood start to boil, too, but she attempted to remain calm.

“Babe, for the millionth time, no. Mike is married, and I love you. Why can’t you trust me?” she responded.

Well, even after that, her husband didn’t drop the topic. Rather, he brought up how she’s always at their house since she works from home. So, her husband asked how he could really know what she was up to all day.

Her husband’s implication finally pushed her over the edge, too, and she freaked out on him. She’d been bottling up all her frustrations with him recently, and after that last accusation, she felt like she “exploded.” Then, she slapped her husband across the face.

“As soon as I did it, I felt horrible,” she recalled, “But at the same time, I was just so tired of defending myself over something that isn’t even real.”

brizmaker – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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