Neon Green Makes Soular Bags Hip and Trendy

piggy3Neon Green’s Soular Powers Back-Up Packs is a brand of backpacks and bags that have built-in solar panels. The bags are able to passively capture energy from the sun, to store it for future recharging of your gadgets. This technology is really nothing new, as we have seen solar bags coming out for a while now. However, unlike most of the solar bags out there, these bags are hip and colorful. Neon Green’s bags come in a variety of shapes, designs, and colors so that you don’t have to feel like a total geek for wearing a solar backpack. For starters, there is the Centruian that comes in several colors and is equipped with many compartments, including a dedicate laptop compartment. Then there is their more reserved Capsoul which is a black backpack that is a 3-in-1 bag that features a detachable solar panel that can be carried as either a shoulder bag or a hand carrying case. If backpacks aren’t your thing, there is the Piggy Back messenger bag that comes in a nice selection of colors.
Finally, if you have your own bag that you want to use, you wont be out of luck either. You can use the Piggy Back Soular Back-up Pack which attaches to any standard backpack and transforms it into a solar backpack. Neon Green’s bags should be available to purchase soon here.

Update 08/14/2011: Check out our full review of the Neon Green Solar Powered backpack.


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