Ericsson Makes Charging the Electric Car Friendlier on the Wallet

Thanks to a joint effort from Ericsson (not the bygone Sony Ericsson, just Ericsson), Volvo, Göteborg Energi, and Viktoria Institute, owners of electric cars might be able to breathe a little easier in the future. The new mobile technology from Ericsson adds more mobile connectivity to electric cars, allowing them to communicate in real-time with electric grids. Cars enabled with this technology will offer the owner greater control over charging, allowing the owner to create a charging schedule, specifying how long the car should be charged at any given time. This should prevent overcharging, and ease power costs by itself. But, if that doesn’t do the trick, this technology will also allow electric cars to recognize non-peak hours and charge only during those times, thus avoiding higher rates for electricity usage.

The technology is being showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona now, nestled in the Volvo Electric C30. Watch for it to enter more electric cars in the near future.

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