iPad App of the Week: Citia Presents the Evolution of Cliffs Notes

If you went to school, there’s a fair chance you used Cliffs Notes at one time or another. At some point, you just didn’t have time to read a whole 400 plus page book (or couldn’t be bothered to). Citia takes the concept of Cliffs Notes and shifts it to the iPad in a non-linear way that makes ideas a little easier to digest.

It should be noted that Citia is more of a system than an app. For now, each book that uses Citia will be sold as a separate eBook app, starting with What Technology Wants, by Kevin Kelly. Instead of focusing on chapter summaries, Citia breaks the book down into the ideas presented, allowing readers to skip over ideas they are already familiar with and get to the content that is new to them. That new content will appear in summary form, giving the key points of the new ideas found in the actual book.

Where appropriate, Citia apps will also provide images, infographics, and video to complement the ideas found in the original book. Readers can format summaries of the book and share them with friends and colleagues, as well.

Citia’s first app, What Technology Wants, is available now on the iTunes App Store for $9.99.

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