Mi Train Journey Lets Your iPhone Play Conductor

Need to at least feel like you’re getting away somewhere to escape the doldrums of your job? At least now, you can watch a small plastic figurine have a good time when you use Mi Train Journey.

Mi Train Journey is not much more than a gussied up iPhone stand, but hey, presentation counts. For intended results, you can download a video of a train voyage, so you and your new plastic figurine friend can watch as the scenery goes by, although you’re going to have to make sure you put that video on loop. Using this thing with a black screen after the video is done seems like it would bring an air of bleakness to the room.

But, that all sounds pretty boring. Now, put the star gate sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey in there and imagine that your plastic figurine buddy is an intergalactic explorer, and you have something interesting.

Wherever you decide to mock-travel to, you can get your voyage kicked off when the Mi Train Journey becomes available on June 18th, with an asking price of a little over $23.

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