Tim Tebow Scores a Touchdown with Soul Headphones

Heads up – the most famous backup quarterback of all time is wearing something, and we need to pay attention.

Tim Tebow has become the latest athlete to partner with Soul Headphones, which has to be the perfect brand name for Tebow – also known as Soul by Ludacris. Will these be called Soul by Tebow? Possibly but first he’ll appear in TV spots soon, sporting the SL150 model. Joining Tebow in the marketing campaign will be the blinding flash that is Usain Bolt, the brilliant footballer that is Cesc Fabregas, and the hot mess that is Dwight Howard.

Unfortunately, many sports fans will now have to deal with the dilemma of wanting to wear the same thing as Tebow and wanting to maintain a healthy distance from anything Dwight Howard-related.

Soul Headphones also managed to get in on the increasingly popular act of trying to rip actual New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’ confidence to shreds, by asserting that,

Currently Tebow is the quarterback for the New York Jets.

Nothing like a preseason vote of confidence for the incumbent. Ironically, it’s been chronicled that Sanchez eschews high-profile endorsement deals in an effort to keep his focus on football.

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