FretPen is a Pen and a One-String Guitar


Do you play guitar? Do you sometimes have to do other things that are not playing your guitar? Do you find that unacceptable? Fine news, then – the FretPen is coming, so you can (kinda) play guitar anywhere and everywhere.

The FretPen is a pen and a one-string guitar, all in one package. Now, the idea of a one-string guitar may strike some as slightly underwhelming. But! Don’t count out technology. Thanks to a directional pad on the base and iPhone connectivity, the FretPen is an impressive music-making machine, for its size.

You’ll be able to find out more once the FretPen launches its Kickstarter campaign on April 22, but for now, it looks like you use the D-pad to move up and down on a tablature sheet – kind of like using it to digitally switch between strings. You can watch the promo video, then wait until April 22 or sign up for email updates.

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