Classic Michael Keaton Batman Batarangs Available

Go get yourself some Batarangs. No justification needed for Batarangs.

Hollywood Collectibles Group has a limited edition set of three Batarangs for sale, with just 100 units available. Of course, these aren’t just any Batarangs. These are throwbacks to the Keaton Batman movies, with two Batarangs that were used in Batman (Jack Nicholson Joker) and one with an LED display that was used in Batman Returns (Danny DeVito Penguin).

All three are mounted on a display stand, but you can detach each one if you want to do inadvisable things with them. The Batman and Batman Returns Batarang Set will run you $500, although Hollywood Collectibles Group does offer payment plans. Payment plans for memorabilia might fall under ‘inadvisable things’, though.

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