Disney Device Helps Parents Control Their Kids Mobile Devices

The internet opens up a whole new world to kids everywhere, but maybe that’s not a world parents want their kids to see too soon. That’s why we have parental control software. But, do we have parental control software that closes off that grimy world and opens up even more of the world of Disney instead? Well, now we do.

Disney, in partnership with Circle (a family-oriented tech company), announced Circle With Disney today, a new device that helps parents close off parts of the internet and open up loads of Disney content. Circle is, ironically enough, a cube-shaped device that connects to a home Wi-Fi network. Once connected, parental controls including time limits, filters, ad blocking, and bedtimes for individual devices in the home can be set using the app, which is unfortunately for iOS only.


Circle is a little more powerful than the average parental control system. In addition to filters and blocking for individual users and devices, parents can also shut down internet service completely for individual devices or the entire home, handy in case someone gets grounded. Parents can also allow and manage guest devices, although those guests may or may not be interested in that — Circle also includes a full-blown analytics platform that tells parents about internet use on each device, including websites visited, programs used, and time spent online.

So, why is Disney involved? To encourage the latest generation of Disney fans, of course! Now that whole sections of the internet have been cordoned off, kids are going to need some extra content to make up for it. In Disney steps with free videos, blogs, gifs, emojis, music, games, characters and whatever else the House of Mouse has in their entertainment arsenal, all of which can be accessed by any device through the MyCircle platform.

Circle With Disney is selling for $100, and you can get it directly through Disney or Circle. The companion app is available now for free on the iTunes App Store.

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