The Fate of the Furious Movie Review: The Ultimate Carpocalypse

Flaming cars, high speed chases, completely impossible maneuvers in tightly packed New York City, does that sound like the latest installment of The Fast and The Furious? Yes, you can already hear the engines revving up. With it’s eighth film in the series, you would figure there’s little that can be explored with this franchise that has not already been shown. However, you’d be wrong. With the most absurd, illogical scenes to date and some new friends, The Fate of the Furious establishes that anything can happen, will happen… with even faster cars.

Let’s be honest, longtime series watchers aren’t going to line up for the passionate scenes or completely plausible moments featured in The Fate and The Furious. Fans know what awaits when they purchase their tickets; they want a larger-than-life, mind-boggling, eye-twitching movie filled with the most coveted rides. The Fate of the Furious does not fall short of expectations in the physics-defying department. From hacked cars falling out of garages to a neon Lamborghini skidding across a sheet of ice followed by tanks, trucks and, yes, a submarine, is there more in life that moviegoers can ask for? Half the fun is turning to your partner with a puzzling look wondering: What the hell just happened?! If you really want to challenge what your mind can handle, catch all the scenes on your local IMAX screen. We won’t spoil too much, but fans should know that the stunts are bigger, better and still impossible.

Low on your travel budget? Never fear, The Fate of the Furious offers more than sexy ladies and fast cars. The opening scenes revolve around a race in Cuba. The scene is complete with a historic 1950’s car that features a motor from a boat. Unfortunately, this is probably the most realistic part of the film. Not the dancing Cuban girls in the street, the amazing outfits, but the actual car with a boat motor. Don’t worry, though, a few quick trips to Berlin, New York and the arctic wild of Russia adds to the jet-setting excitement in the film. What is most fascinating is how they got six cars across the Holland Tunnel in record time to save the world. We can barely make it across in one hour.

As with all the films in the series, fans will be excited to see their favorites return: Vin Diesel as Dom, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Dwayne Johnson as Luke and the usual crew. This adventure did bring on some A-Listers and hunky men to the roster with Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Scott Eastwood and Kristofer Hivju. Helen Mirren and Scott Eastwood offer up some laughs and looks. Who can blame them, though. However, Charlize Theron tried and failed to resurrect Angelina Jolie’s character, Sara, from Gone in 60 Seconds. From the hair to her entire demeanor, Theron is no Jolie. We did love to see Hivju outside of Game of Thrones and those Wyndham Rewards commercials, even if he didn’t say much and just handed Theron her gun from time to time.

With new rides, new locales and new friends, it’s safe to say that The Fast and the Furious will rake in quite a few dollars in this big blockbuster film weekend. Bring an open mind and some earmuffs, it’s going to be a wild, bumpy ride.

Watch The Fate of the Furious in an IMAX theater near you on April 14th.

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