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    Is the Toshiba Portégé Detachable Ultrabook Redefining the Business Laptop?

    The business laptop has always been defined by security and enterprise features – hardware and software to please the IT department. Processing power, sharp displays, and generous amounts of storage can be found in countless laptops – it’s the presence of that business-centric set of features that make or break a solid business laptop. But, […]

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    HP W-series EliteBook Laptops Pack in DreamColor Displays

    HP has revamped their mobile workstation laptops and this time around their workstations are looking better than ever. Their W-series has been redesigned with the “FORGE” design framework, which is all about an industrial design that includes a radial-brushed, gunmetal finish, backlit jewel logo, orange-colored accents, a chemically strengthened glass touchpad and HP DisplaySafe frame. […]

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    BlackBerry Presenter Review

    At CES, BlackBerry announced the BlackBerry Presenter accessory. This little device extends the functionality of the BlackBerry into an even meaner tool for business users than it already is. In a nutshell, this pocket sized device lets your BlackBerry be used to wirelessly control PowerPoint presentations seen on a monitor or a projector. All you […]