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    Snapily Makes Your Business Cards Pop in 3D

    Snapily will make all sorts of 3D paper goodies for you, but their newest offering might get a few small businesses headed in the right direction. After all, image is everything, right? Snapily’s business cards pack a visual punch, with 3D effects and the endlessly fascinating flip effect, which shows two different pictures on the […]

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    Kodak is Giving Away 50 Free Business Mommy Cards

    For all the mommies out there – Kodak has a gift for you! They have a special card named after you, called the ‘Mommy Card.’ What is it exactly? Well Mommy Cards are a cross between a business card and a photo card. They can be used for making play-dates, a quick reference card for […]

  • POKEN Pulse Social Networking Gadget Aims to Replace Business Cards

    POKEN is a cute little gadget designed to make sharing your social networking contact details a lot easier. In essence, POKEN is really a modern day version of the business card. Just hold 2 of them together and you’ll be connected through all of the social networks you already use such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn […]