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    Belkin Cinema Stripe Case for the New iPad 3 Review

    While everyone’s needs are different, our ideal iPad case is as follows: thin, light, protective, and usable. That’s the killer combination, and of course a nice design is important too. This ideal combination is pretty much exactly what the Belkin Cinema Stripe offers the New iPad 3 (and iPad 2!). The Cinema Stripe is a […]

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    Scribe Folio Stasis Tuff-luv iPad 2 Case Review

    The iPad for many has taken the place of pen and paper, but if you still find yourself looking for a piece of paper to jot down a note from time to time, you’ll want to check out the Scribe Folio Stasis case from Tuff-Luv. At first glance it may not look too different from […]

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    Keypad Ultra iPad Case Will Match Your Armani Suit

    If you must own a keyboard case for your iPad, then the KeyPad Ultra for iPad should be the only way you should go. This super sexy case not is only a must have for a business professional with its leather exterior but the keyboard looks a tad like a MacBook Pro. Now granted, we […]

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    Cartier iPad Cases Go Nicely with a Cartier Watch

    Cartier knows how to style ladies with jewels, now it wants to dress up your iPad with a new case. The Cartier Les Must collection features not one, but three different colored iPad cases. Cartier is no stranger to to making high-end accessories for your gadgets. Just last year it debuted a collection of pricey […]

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    Incase Reveals New Cases and Accessories for the iPad

    We were waiting and Incase didn’t disappoint – today Incase launched their new accessories and cases line-up for the iPad. Nothing launched is too overly abstract in design, but I assume over time the cases will get a little more snazzier like its iPhone/iPod Touch cousins. Check out the list of what is out and […]