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    Hands-On with ASUS’s New Line of Transformer Tablets for 2012

    It seems like the Transformer Prime just came out, but ASUS is already prepping consumers for their new tablets for 2012, all of which will be branded with the Transformer Pad name. ASUS introduced high-end, mid-tier, and low-end offerings, but all three manage to pack in some very impressive tech, regardless of price point. All […]

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    Portable LapGuard with Radiation Shielding Technology Review

    We have some time to go until laptops don’t radiate extreme heat and potentially harmful wireless signals; until then we have lap guards and lap desks. The Portable LapGuard, by Digital Innovations, is particularly nice, with two USB-powered fans and a nice cushioned bottom. Shield your “sensitive reproductive area” from radiation and heat. Unlike most […]

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    Sony Releases Colorful E and C Laptop Series

    Sony has two new series of laptops coming out, and both are quite lovely. In particular, we’re super fond of the new C series. The C series is available in two bold colors – neon red or thunder blue. Not only do these colors pop, but you’ll love their complimenting backlit keyboard. You also get […]

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    New 13.3″ Sony VAIO S Series Laptop Looks Good in Pink

    Sony has revamped their VAIO S Series, and the already sexy S series is now looking more enticing than ever. For starters, the new S Series is available in burnished brown, jet black, platinum silver, as well as pink or blue – with magnesium and aluminum materials. This laptop really is a beauty to behold […]

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    HP Pavilion dm1z Review

    Traditionally, there has been a large gap between ‘netbook’ and ‘ultraportable’ laptops. Netbooks cost anywhere from $200 to $400 and are quite underpowered. Ultraportables generally start at $900 and cost much more than a laptop with comparable performance. As of earlier this year AMD has drastically redefined the ultraportable market by releasing their affordable AMD […]

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    HP W-series EliteBook Laptops Pack in DreamColor Displays

    HP has revamped their mobile workstation laptops and this time around their workstations are looking better than ever. Their W-series has been redesigned with the “FORGE” design framework, which is all about an industrial design that includes a radial-brushed, gunmetal finish, backlit jewel logo, orange-colored accents, a chemically strengthened glass touchpad and HP DisplaySafe frame. […]