Kim Kardashian Replies To The Backlash Over Her New Maternity Shapewear

This certainly isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has caught some controversy over her shapewear line, Skims.

Tomorrow, Kim is officially launching her new maternity shapewear, and while some people are excited about it, others on the internet are upset about it all.

Jameela Jamil in particular pointed out a few things that are resonating with Kim’s critics. In an Instagram post, Jameela said, “Lot of talk on the internet today about pregnancy shapewear. And each to their own.”

Instagram; pictured above is the new line of maternity shapewear

“But from the discourse online I will say: I wish we could just Normalize just focusing on the inside of a pregnant body, not the outside. You don’t need your shape corrected or hidden.”

“Pregnancy is hard enough, with enough worries already,” she continued. Jameela then added, “If I ever have a baby I’m welcoming the stretch marks, the new curves and I’m sure as sh*t not gonna rush to try and snap back, I’m just gonna let my body heal from the Massive event that has occurred inside my body.”

Kim replied to the backlash surrounding her maternity shapewear, and here’s what she had to say.

Instagram; pictured above is another thing Jameela shared online about the controversy

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