These Unseen Photos Of Pierce Brosnan Prove He’s The Best Looking James Bond

It’s easy to look at celebrities and think they haven’t actually had to struggle at all to get to where they are, but Pierce Brosnan is another story.

Pierce never had it easy from the start, and he had to overcome a lot to get to where he is. He overcame being abandoned, a tumultuous childhood, and the loss of his first wife and daughter.

Pierce entered the world on May 16th, 1953. He was born in Ireland, but his father up and walked out on him and his mother not long after he was born.

When Pierce was no more than a toddler, his mother decided to move to London so she could get a job working as a nurse in an effort to better provide for their little family of 2. He was 4-years-old.

Pierce didn’t move to London along with his mother though; he went to live with his mother’s parents (his grandparents). After the death of both of his grandparents, he bounced around a lot to a few different relatives before landing at a lodging house with local workers from the mills.

He saw his mother very infrequently until she remarried and moved to Scotland.

By then, it was 1964 and Pierce went to live with his mother and new step-father in East Lothian. Not long after that, his mother and step-father moved back to London, and he went with them.

Having spent his entire life so far in the country, moving to London proved to be difficult for Pierce. Life in such a major city couldn’t have been more opposite than the life he left behind in Ireland, and his classmates were far from welcoming of him.

He decided to drop out of school by the time he hit 16 to try to find himself and make his way in the world.

Pierce ended up discovering his passion for theatre and began acting after a short stint working as a commercial artist. His mother encouraged him to follow his dreams.

His career truly started at The Oval House Theatre, though it would take him some time to be a success. Pierce’s first breakout role was in 1977. He starred in a play called The Red Devil Battery Sign.

Around this time, Pierce ended up meeting his first wife, actress Cassandra Harris. The two tied the knot in 1980.

In 1981, the James Bond film that Cassandra had starred in, For Your Eyes Only, was released and it was something that changed the trajectory of Pierce’s career forever.

Cassandra introduced Pierce to Albert Romolo Broccoli, the director of For Your Eyes Only, and Albert liked Pierce so much he would go on to make him James Bond a few years later.

LOS ANGELES – JULY 12: Actor Pierce Brosnan poses for a photo on July 12, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Grecco).

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