Half Of The High School Senior Class At This School Was Suspended For Their Senior Prank

The administrators of Comfort High School located in Comfort, Texas, are coming under fire for a decision they recently made involving half of their senior class.

Pretty much half of the graduating class was involved in a senior prank.

Some of the students had put plastic forks in the school’s football field, while other students got into the high school and left mementos inside.

The students inside the school saran wrapped some things, hung streamers, rearranged furniture, sprayed silly string, and blew up balloons before leaving.

Facebook; pictured above is a post from the local liquor store seeking justice for the suspended seniors

Steely Lott, a parent living in Comfort, took to Facebook to explain in detail what the kids had done for their prank.

“Thursday night, a group of seniors went to the school to fork the football field for their senior prank,” Steely wrote.

“But then a smaller group went into the school afterward (while others left) and put balloons and streamers everywhere, sprayed silly string, Saran wrapped some stuff, and moved furniture around.”

“A student left a rock in one of the doors so that they could get in, and nobody (admin or any staff) actually checked to make sure all doors were locked at the end of the day.”

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