Her Burned Body Was Found In The Woods And 38 Years Later Her Killer Has Finally Been Arrested

Laura Marie Purchase had been living in Houston, Texas, back in March of 1983.

She had gone missing that year, and her loved ones didn’t have a lot of information to give authorities.

They had mentioned she was last seen in Houston on March 5th. They also noted that at that time, she was residing with a man named Howie or Howard, and he was part of a band called Malibu.

A few weeks after Laura disappeared, a deputy from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office made a gruesome discovery.

It was 3 in the morning on March 17th, 1983 when this deputy spotted something concerning in the woods off League Line Road in Conroe, Texas.

A fire was burning, and a woman’s body was lying in the middle of the flames. Someone had set the fire shortly before the deputy arrived there, and sadly the woman was already dead.

An autopsy was performed on her, and although they had no idea what her name was, authorities did learn that she had been strangled to death and sexually assaulted.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office; pictured above is Laura

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