Teacher Under Fire For Giving Her Students An Assignment On George Floyd That Says He Died Of A Heart Attack

A screenshot of the assignment Hope gave her class was shared on social media by a woman named Sakinah Irizarry whose children attend the same school district that Hope teaches in.

You can view the assignment below.

Twitter; pictured above is a screenshot of the assignment Hope asked her students to complete

“Presenting students with an assignment based on lies is wrong,” Sakinah said in a follow-up Facebook post.

“Feeding them disinformation as the foundation for a critical thought experiment is the antithesis of educating.”

“This assignment was not a thought experiment on how to present either side of an argument, it was instruction in how to refute objective truth, couching a lie in the language of absolutes to support your forgone conclusion.”

“That assignment flies in the face of the concept of news literacy, and teaches young people, who naturally have strong senses of fairness and justice, to not trust their own eyes and their own hearts.”

Many people have expressed fury over Hope’s lack of factual information in the assignment and some have even called her a racist.

On the flip side of this, other people have started a petition for her to keep her job, claiming there has to be more to the story and that this is a misunderstanding.

“She is a good teacher and this assignment was taken totally out of context,” one person commented on the petition for Hope to keep her job.

It’s not clear how many students were given Hope’s assignment or if she will face discipline for her actions.

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Sakinah

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