Bravo’s Andy Cohen Asking For Help After His Childhood Friend Goes Missing From The ER: Where Is Andy Neiman?

Poughkeepsie, New York. Bravo’s own Andy Cohen is now asking the public for help after his childhood friend went missing weeks ago.

48-year-old Andy Neiman is an actor and playwright that grew up with Andy Cohen.

On May Friday, May 21st, Andy Neiman went missing from Poughkeepsie after he was admitted to a nearby hospital.

“A part of me feels reluctant to make this so public but I am in such a state of worry and fear that I have to cast the net as wide as possible,” Andy’s sister Emily explained in a Facebook post.

At 4 in the morning that Friday, Andy was transported to the Midhudson Regional Hospital’s Emergency Room.

Emily noted that Andy was admitted, “due to a culmination of mental unwellness and psychosis after only arriving at our land the evening prior.”

Facebook; pictured above is Andy Neiman

“Soon after he was admitted he regretted his decision and pleaded with me to get him, but the hospital’s psych evaluation had deemed him unfit for the community, meaning he couldn’t leave,” Emily continued.

“He sat for 14 hours awaiting a transfer to the psych unit, for which they had already received a room assignment.”

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