Ever Wonder How Tall Your Online Dating Matches Are? She’s Going Viral For Explaining Her Formula For Finding Out

One of the most uncomfortable parts of online dating is when people straight up lie about their heights.

Just look at Big Ed from 90 Day FiancéBefore the 90 Days. He told Rosemarie that his height was 5’2 and it turns out he’s really 4’11.

At one point in the show, he stood there in the airport nervously explaining that he really didn’t tell the truth about how tall he is.

If you ever wanted to find out how tall your online dating matches are, there’s a way you can do that.

TikTok; pictured above is Niccoya explaining her height hack

A TikTok user named Dani Gadelha noticed that a guy she saw on Tinder was holding a bottle of beer in his hand.

But he didn’t list how tall he was.

“Hi I’m Dani and I’ll find out your height no matter the cost,” she captioned the video where she shows how to figure it out.

She set to work calculating out how tall that beer bottle exactly was, then guestimated this guy’s height by stacking one bottle on top of the other against the photo.

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