She’s Thinking Of Throwing Out Photos Of Her Ex’s Parents Who Passed Away But Needs The Internet To Weigh In

The boxes had dozens of photos of Joe’s ex’s family. She agreed to hold onto the boxes and the photos and keep them safe temporarily.

“I said of course. We finish the move & she says that the photos are the only ones she has of her parents that died and they are her most precious possessions.”

The weekend after she helped Joe’s ex move, she reached out and asked if she could drop the boxes off.

Joe’s ex said she wanted to wait until she settled into her new place before having the boxes brought over.

She didn’t think this was a problem, and she kept holding onto the boxes.

Days went by. She reached out again asking Joe’s ex when she would like her to drop off the photos, but she hasn’t given her any concrete replies.

She ended up taking Joe’s ex’s boxes of photos to her storage locker and left them there.

“She faded out of our lives for a bit, ignoring us except to ask for rides a few times,” she said about Joe’s ex.

“She made some effort a few times to get the pics, but plans quickly fell apart over fights with her bf, citing overwhelm.”

For several months after the last time she spoke to Joe’s ex, she just did not bother reaching back out to her.

But then when May 1st came around, she was going to stop renting her storage unit, so she asked Joe’s ex about the photos.

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