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This Bakery Created Special Rainbow Cookies For Pride Month And Lost A Huge Customer Over It But The Internet Came Together To Support Them Like Crazy

Their post ended up going viral. It got more than 15,00 reactions, 2,200 comments, and 2,400 shares.

The internet was not about to let hate win out over love, and people came together in an incredible way to come out and support Confections.

People not only tried to donate money to the sisters and their bakery business (which they refused and instead asked that the money be donated to local animal rescues), but they also sent kind messages.

Their phone ended up ringing off the hook with orders, and then people came out to purchase cookies and lunch items from them.

The line to get into the bakery ended up around the block!

Confections was forced to close an hour early after they ran out of absolutely everything they had in the store.

Facebook; pictured above is an empty shelf in Confections after everything sold out

“We (my sister and co-owner Miranda and our fabulous baker Felicia) are just so humbled and grateful and moved by this outpouring of love,” Dawn wrote in a follow-up post.

“The last several people in our shop put Money on their credit card for us to donate because there was nothing left to purchase.”

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