Christina Haack Opens Up About Smoking Psychedelic Toad Venom And Her New Flame Josh Hall

Clarity is something we all want and look for in this world that often stresses us out. We look for answers all around us, from people who can help us or go to places we can relax.

We almost never find it, because it isn’t something that can be bought, it’s an inner peace we find within ourselves. But that’s not for all.

Christina Haack, the Christina on the Coast star, shared a “life-changing encounter” she had earlier this year. She found a unique approach to achieving clarity in her life.

Haack’s path to meeting her new flame Joshua Hall included a strange element.

On Instagram, the 38-year-old real estate investor introduced her new boyfriend Joshua Hall while talking about her experience smoking Bufo toad. That’s right, you read that correctly.

During a phase of self-discovery, she stated that she had “smoked a Bufo toad.”

“I met Josh when I wasn’t scared or in a fight-or-flight situation, Haack explained.

“…I took a break from social media, hired a spiritual coach, and smoked a Bufo toad,” she continued, adding that it “essentially reset my brain and booted out years of anxiety in 15 minutes.”

Instagram; pictured above is Christina

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