College Girl Kidnapped After Leaving Work, Is Then Found Dead In A Local Park And ATM Footage Reveals Who Murdered Her

It was the night of February 8th, 2017. Toby instantly knew something was wrong when he didn’t hear from Reagan after her shift, and when she failed to reach out to him in the hours afterward.

Reagan always texted him or returned his calls. For her to go silent had to mean something terrible had happened to her.

But what actually happened to Reagan was far worse and more brutal than anyone could have imagined.

Facebook; Reagan smiles in the photo above

Reagan’s family wasted no time in trying to track Reagan down. Her sister Makenzie started contacting all of her friends, asking if they had seen her.

They also contacted Reagan’s roommates, but they confirmed she hadn’t made it back home and they didn’t know where she was.

She hadn’t made any new posts on social media.

Everyone who was close to Reagan had no idea where she had gone.

The next morning, Reagan still hadn’t come back, and her roommates said her bed was perfectly made. She never slept in it.

Reagan also failed to turn up for her classes that day, which was also a big red flag. It’s something that this straight-A student just wouldn’t do.

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