Her Sister Ruined Her Fiancé’s Hearing Aid On Purpose And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help Because Her Sister Is Refusing To Pay The $5,000 For A New One

A 24-year-old woman is engaged to her 26-year-old fiancé and unfortunately, he has a hearing impairment that has gotten so bad over the past several months that he has to wear a hearing aid all the time now.

Their insurance did not cover the cost of the hearing aid, and so her fiancé had to use his own money for it.

Her 19-year-old sister and 22-year-old cousin decided to come over to their house a few nights ago after some shopping.

Her sister and cousin were talking about her fiancé’s hearing aid, and then they wondered out loud if it would still work if it was left out in extreme heat or cold.

“They asked my fiancé to do a little experiment but he refused to let them touch it,” she said. Later on, when she was in her kitchen, her sister snuck into her bedroom.

Her fiancé was fast asleep in the bedroom, and her sister stole his hearing aid. Her sister then found a hairdryer and used it on the hearing aid, without telling anyone.

Very late that night, her fiancé told her that something was wrong with his hearing aid because it was not working the way it should be.

Her fiancé wasn’t able to hear things well and then his headaches started. She was concerned that maybe his hearing aid was broken, but then her cousin sent her a message on Facebook.

Her cousin said that her sister took the hearing aid from her fiancé and put it under the hairdryer. As soon as she found out about this, she rushed over to where her parents live so she could confront her sister.

Her sister started crying when she explained to her that her fiancé’s hearing aid cost more than $5,000 and she had to pay for a new one ASAP.

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