The Owner Of This Pizza Place Paid His Employees An Entire Day’s Worth Of Sales To Show Them His Appreciation

Findlay, Ohio.  Josh Elchert owns the Findlay pizza place called Heavenly Pizza, and he just did something incredibly kind for all of his employees to show them all how much he appreciates them.

“Hey guys, Josh here with Heavenly Pizza,” Josh said in a video he posted to Facebook. “Hope you had a great and safe 4th of July.”

“Today is July 5th and all day today, all of the money that comes into the shop is given to our employees for employee appreciation day.”

“During the pandemic and especially during the past couple of months here, we’ve all seen the help wanted signs everywhere.”

“We’re not exempt to that, we’ve definitely been short-staffed, but we have always had the employees to operate at a sustainable level.”

“We haven’t had to shut anything down or cut things off…limit our menu…we’ve been extremely fortunate.”

Josh then said that normally on Mondays, his pizza place does approximately 90 orders. He hoped to be able to do around 200 orders for Employee Appreciation Day.

Facebook; pictured above is Josh, the owner of Heavenly Pizza

“It’ll make us bust our butts and work real hard, but gosh, if we could give our employees $40 or $50 an hour to make pizzas today, that would be pretty fantastic,” Josh explained.

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