Bridezilla Tells Her Friend Who Had A Stillborn Baby She Needs To Tell People Before Her Wedding Because She’ll Steal Away The Attention

“I don’t mean to be harsh but I thought you’d be over what happened by now. But you cried today just cause some lady had a baby it’s just a bit dramatic,” the bride wrote.

The bride then explained she doesn’t want everyone asking her friend why she’s no longer pregnant, because that’s going to distract them from making her feel like the special one.

Imgur; pictured above the bride tells her friend maybe she should not come to the wedding after all

The bride insisted her friend just needed “to move on” and she doesn’t want her friend to ruin her day.

Imgur; pictured above the bride says her friend needs to move on

The bride continued to point out she wouldn’t have any attention on her, while her friend attempted to understand what the heck she was actually saying.

Imgur; pictured above the bride insists all attention needs to be on her

This friend stood up to the bride, refused to come to the wedding, and called her a “giant trash pile of a human.”

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