Even Though Her Brother Asked Her To Wear Specific Colors To His Wedding, This Teen Showed Up Wearing All Black And Upset Him

She had packed one of her favorite dresses (it was black, of course) and she wanted to wear that over the colorful options her brother and his bride really wanted.

Her mom and her dad told her that she had to wear the colors, but after she refused they just let her wear the black dress.

She and her parents got to the venue on the earlier side to take pictures, and her mom headed off immediately to tell her brother about her outfit choice.

As the photo-taking got underway, her brother explained to her that she was not invited to be in any of the photos that required larger groups of the wedding party and extended family.

He said she could be in the photos of just their immediate family, but because of her outfit choice, she stood out severely in the group shots.

She was literally the only person who did not adhere to their dress code.

She called her brother out for excluding her from certain shots, and he insisted that was how things were going to be since she did not wear the colors he and his bride wanted.

“He told me he was disappointed that I couldn’t do one little thing for him on his wedding day and I told him he was an a****** for making people dress a certain way even if they don’t want to,” she continued.

“I got a lot of weird looks from people during the ceremony and reception. And my brother and his wife pretty much avoided me completely the entire time.”

“Even my parents kept their distance from me. I really don’t think I did anything wrong because my brother’s request was stupid from the beginning.”

How would you deal with this?

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