He Kicked His Brother Out Of His Engagement Party After He Said Some Awful Things About His Fiancée In Front Of All The Guests

His mom was worried that his fiancée would realize they were not there and start asking why. His mom also insisted that his brother and dad would keep things in line and not cause problems at the party.

As soon as his family got to the party, his dad kept silent. Eventually, his dad began speaking to some of the other people on the guest list, and he thought it looked like everything was ok.

“When dinner arrived my brother sat with us at the table asking how much money “I lost” to make this dinner happen then how much my fiancée contributed “at all”,” he explained.

“My fiancée and I were talking about her engagement ring and my brother randomly started singing “I ain’t saying she a gold digger”. My fiancée and her mom stared at him and he stopped.”

He looked at his brother in such a way as to convey to him to stop what he was doing, but that didn’t help.

When he stood up to toast, his brother wasted no time coughing and saying “prenup” which all the guests could clearly hear.

He was furious that his brother was continuing with this, so he set down his drink and told his brother to meet him outside of the restaurant.

He fought outside with his brother, and it ended with him kicking his brother out for good that night.

His brother tried to act like he had no idea what he did to contribute to this, and after hurling some insults, his brother did finally leave.

His mom and dad didn’t agree with him kicking out his brother over his behavior, and his dad ended up exiting the party not long after his brother did.

His mom is now saying he destroyed his engagement party by making a scene, and that he never should have made his brother leave.

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