Her Brother Stole Money From Her And Now Expects Her To Use Her Wedding Fund To Pay For A Surgery Her Niece Needs

Not too long ago, she surprisingly heard from Thomas. She talked to him several times, and every time she did speak to him he brought up the fact that her niece is having problems again with the health issue she has.

Thomas then wondered if she would like to spend some time with her, but she’s hesitant to do that right now.

“After few more conversations, he said he needs help paying for her upcoming surgery and asked if I could help with money,” she said.

Thomas apparently knows about her uncle’s property that she sold and the money she got from it. He also knows she is saving that money to pay for her wedding.

A mutual friend that she has with Thomas was the one who spilled the beans to him. This mutual friend also turned around and told her that Thomas blew the money from his property on things like lavish golf vacations.

Thomas currently is in debt and can’t afford to cover her niece’s medical costs.

She declined to pay for her niece’s medical bills, but Thomas kept pushing and insisted she should call off her wedding and use that money instead to help her niece.

She pointed out to Thomas that he stole money from her and it caused her to struggle financially for some time.

She then told him she could have gone after him for the money, to which Thomas replied she still could do that but then her niece will be her problem because he will end up in jail.

“He said I could hate him all I want but he’s just asking for my niece,” she said. “He pressured me to go see her but I felt highly uncomfortable doing that.”

“We had a heated argument after he tried to get my fiancé to postpone the wedding. I ended up telling him to leave and he said it was okay, we’ll talk again but I said all I had to say yet he let my friends know and they asked what’s wrong with me prioritizing wedding over my niece?”

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