Her Fiancé’s Grandma Gifted Her A Family Heirloom Then Asked For It Back And The Drama That Followed Has Her Wanting To Uninvite Grandma From The Wedding

Here’s the problem…this necklace was supposed to have been her mother-in-law’s necklace, but given the terrible relationship her mother-in-law had with her fiancé’s grandma, she was never gifted the necklace.

Also, when her mother-in-law got married for the first time, she was not on speaking terms with her family, which is also part of the reason why she did not get to have the heirloom necklace.

Currently, her mother-in-law is supposed to be getting married for a second time, and her wedding is going to happen not long after her own wedding.

As soon as her mother-in-law learned that she was gifted this family heirloom, she got mad.

“I felt bad but I also felt like she is a 43-year-old woman and I’m just starting out,” this bride-to-be said.

“MIL’s mom said she didn’t know MIL felt strongly about it and offered to give her something in its place but she didn’t want that.”

Given how upset her mother-in-law is over this, her fiancé’s grandma asked if she could give back the necklace so that it could go to her mother-in-law instead.

Her mother-in-law had said to her fiancé’s grandma that she could not move past not having the necklace.

“I do understand the hurt but GMIL can’t change the past and MIL has plenty of nice jewelry,” she continued.

“Her fiancé has gotten her a couple of beautiful pieces. GMIL begged for it back and said she couldn’t lose her daughter again. I said I felt horrible but it’s mine now and it means a lot to me.”

Well, after she refused to return the heirloom necklace, her fiancé’s grandma showed up at her place when she was out at work.

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