Her Friend Kicked Her Out Of The Bridal Party For Cutting Her Hair So She’s Taking Her To Court

This woman insisted she would make her hair look great for all 3 days of the wedding, despite the fact that it now would not match the hairstyles of the rest of the bridesmaids.

Several days after that conversation happened, the bride-to-be sent her the text message below just 3 days before the 1st day of the wedding was about to begin:

“After our recent conversations, I’d like to remind you of my boundaries: I’ve been very accommodating and graceful, but I can’t allow you to disrespect me.”

“As you know, my wedding has been something I’ve dreamt of for many years. (Husband) and I have invested a lot of money into the video and photos of this day and as we reflect on this day in the further we want to see our vision reflected in the memories.”

“Since I asked each of you to be a bridesmaid in 2019, I’ve been very clear and very communicative in my request.”

“The timing of your decision to cut your hair and not income in advance is very upsetting to me. I would have felt respected if you had communicated with me more than a week prior to the wedding, so we could have worked together to find a collaborative solution.”

“Your inconsistencies have concerned me and while I sympathize with your health concerns, I’m not willing to compromise my vision to accommodate you (or anyone else) when you have informed me in advance and we could have found a better solution.”

“Since this is something you can no longer fully commit to, I need you to please step down from participating in my wedding.”

As soon as she got this text, she replied back to the bride-to-be and her future husband by sending them the invoice for the shoes and dresses she had to buy for the wedding.

She asked that the couple pay her for everything she had already bought for their special day. The bride even had one dress that she paid for already but did not have.

The bride-to-be and her future husband never responded back to the invoice she sent, so she thinks she needs to take them both to court to solve this.

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