His Fiancée Is Saying He’s Forcing Her To Choose Sides After Her Parents Said They Didn’t Want A Specific Guest At The Wedding

A dad who is set to get married soon says that his first wife passed away years ago now after struggling with breast cancer.

He has a 19-year-old son from his first marriage named Chris, who understandably has faced a lot of difficulties after his wife passed away.

Although Chris was always a priority to him since he came into the world, this dad and his son grew even closer after the loss of his wife and Chris’s mom.

Around 2 years ago, this dad met a woman named Melanie who is lovely, and he proposed to her several months ago.

This month, the wedding is going to be taking place, and all the details have been ironed out…however, there is one major problem.

Melanie’s parents are highly conservative southerners.

“They met Chris’s boyfriend by chance at our house and were extremely uncomfortable even though my son’s boyfriend is sweet and well mannered,” this dad said.

“They acted cold towards him and Chris and left dinner early. I spoke with Melanie about it and she asked me to give them time to adjust since we’re a blended family.”

Well, they didn’t adjust. Instead, they asked this dad to uninvite Chris’s boyfriend to the upcoming wedding, even though they didn’t have a valid reason.

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