Mom Shocked To Learn She Was Pregnant With Triplets So She Created A Fundraiser To Help Cover The Crazy Costs Of Her Newborns

El Paso, Texas. On December 12th of last year, Miriam Skeen was surprised to discover that she was pregnant and expecting a child with Andrew Font, her significant other.

Although Miriam’s initial reaction was that of surprise, her reaction got upgraded to sheer shock when she went in for her eight-week ultrasound.

Miriam thought she just had one baby on board, but it turned out, she was carrying triplets!

Preparing for triplets doesn’t come cheap, as Miriam and Andrew have had to buy three of every single thing you normally need for a baby.

“The costs that are piling up already from medical bills, loss of wages due to needing to reduce hours, next big purchase a new vehicle to fit us all in, and of course buying 3 of everything has been tough,” Miriam explained on a GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe; pictured above Miriam and Andrew reveal they are expecting triplets

Additionally, Miriam was then left with no choice but to go on maternity leave when she hit 23 weeks into her pregnancy, as she had to keep the babies as safe as possible.

“We couldn’t imagine our lives before this big surprise but the load of stress it carries is hard,” Miriam acknowledged in a pregnancy update.

On July 22nd, Miriam delivered all three babies at only 35 weeks, after one baby was diagnosed as having IUGR; also called intrauterine growth restriction.

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