This Young Man Needed Emergency Brain Surgery After He Fell And He Says His Apple Watch Literally Saved His Life

Freeport, Long Island. 25-year-old Brandon Schneider believes that his smartwatch, together with his devotion to fitness and good living, saved his life after he blacked out and slammed his head on a hospital bathroom floor.

Brandon’s love of all things fitness led him to wear an Apple Watch, which can actually call for help in case of an emergency, though people primarily use them to keep track of their personal fitness goals.

It was a few weeks ago on July 12th when Brandon found himself in the Emergency Room after he had undergone days of increasingly severe abdominal discomfort, coupled with the misdiagnosis of having a kidney stone.

Brandon requested to use the restroom at one point during his visit, but the remaining part of the experience is a haze to him.

“While I was in the bathroom, I went unconscious and fell to the ground, where I apparently slammed my head, fracturing my skull and suffering an emergent brain bleed,” he recalled in an Instagram post.

Instagram; pictured above is Brandon

Brandon had been fortunate enough to have his Apple Watch on his wrist that day, and he’s convinced it contributed to his survival.

“I was only found unconscious so soon after the fall because my Apple Watch detected a hard fall and sent an emergency notification to my emergency contacts after I failed to respond to the prompt on my watch,” he continued.

Brandon then had to go for CT scans, which scarily enough revealed that he had several hematomas that were getting larger quite quickly.

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