This Young Woman Says Her Tattoo Was Stolen Then Used In A Movie About Satanism And Murder Even Though That’s Not What It Stands For

Have you heard of the new movie coming out soon called God Is A Bullet? It’s actually based on a book, and it’s about a detective’s quest to find his daughter after she’s kidnapped by a satanic cult and his former wife ends up murdered.

The movie has a very star-stunned cast, including January Jones, Jamie Foxx, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (who was Jaime Lannister in Game Of Thrones).

Filming for God Is A Bullet is currently underway, and after one young woman named Anka Miau saw some social media posts made by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, she couldn’t believe what she was looking at.

Anka says that one of the actresses in the film had a tattoo across her chest that was stolen from the exact same chest tattoo that Anka has.

Anka’s chest tattoo is very specific and detailed, and it certainly looks to be nearly exactly like the one the actress had for God Is A Bullet.

Instagram; pictured above is Anka

“Today I was made aware that the crew around the God Is A Bullet movie production decided to steal my chest tattoo and put it on a character that is involved with a satanic cult murdering and kidnapping,” Anka wrote in a post on her Instagram account, where she put up side-by-side photos of the tattoos.

Anka pointed out that this chest tattoo she got was a “personal vision” of hers that was brought to life, and it took her 2 years to complete the ink.

“This tattoo is so extremely visible on me and thus a part of my visual identity finally putting me in context with satanism and murder,” she continued.

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