Guy Proposes To His Gold Digger Of A Girlfriend With A Fake Ring And What Happens When They Break Up Is Karma At Its Finest

I’m sure you’re wondering why Dave decided to go through with the engagement in the first place considering Karen doesn’t sound like a nice person, but nobody is really sure about that part of the story.

Anyway, Dave and Karen got down to wedding planning, but then things became a big problem over the list of guests.

Karen found the venue of her dreams, but it didn’t have the capacity to invite both of their large families.

Karen sent out invites behind Dave’s back, only inviting her side of the family and not Dave’s.

When Dave found out, he called off the wedding and broke up with Karen. Karen kept the engagement ring, and Dave didn’t care.

“It didn’t hold any value to him and he was more worried about the wedding he was now having to cancel and the texts he was getting from Karen’s side,” his cousin said.

“It took a few months but they all calmed down and he didn’t hear from her until last month.”

Karen tried to pawn her engagement ring, thinking she would get a few thousand dollars for it. Meanwhile, it was obviously only worth a few hundred dollars.

“She called Dave several times and sent a billion texts (he never answered or picked up) DEMANDING that he pay her in cash what the ring was worth, threatening to sue for the lie he told her, etc,” Dave’s cousin continued.

“He and I had a good laugh listening to her tantrum. I guess diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but sapphires are definitely not for Karens.”

How would you handle this?

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