Her Boyfriend Gagged Her Then Locked Her In The Basement For Two Hours And Now She’s Asking The Internet How She Can End Things With Him

A 24-year-old young woman got into a huge argument with her 27-year-old boyfriend. He then gagged her and locked her in the basement for two hours.

Now, she’s asking the internet how she can end things with him in the safest way.

“I’ve been in a lot of denial over the last few weeks…” she started out by saying.

“….Telling myself that it was my fault whenever something bad happened and that things will get better and he will change to make it all okay again if I can just endure it for a little longer.”

“I found it very difficult to accept that he’s a different person to the one I fell in love with at the beginning, none of it makes sense and I thought I must be doing something wrong.”

She admitted he has severe issues with anger and she never knows when his next outburst will happen.

She added the stress he’s experiencing at his job is causing his anger issues to be even worse, and she doesn’t want to live in fear.

She’s terrified 24/7 that he’s going to gravely injure her or…worse. She’s been with him for three years, and she’s put up with a ton in that time period, but now she’s hit her limit of what she can deal with.

“Yesterday morning we had a massive argument where he slapped my face,” she continued.

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