Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her And She Walked Out Of The Room Without Saying A Word To Him

A 26-year-old woman who has been with her 26-year-old boyfriend for 3 years recently started discussing with him what their future would look like together.

They’re really on the same page about everything in their lives, and then their conversations turned to getting engaged.

A year ago, they extensively discussed what the best proposal would look like for them.

She was expecting him to propose to her in a simple yet romantic way that involved the great outdoors.

She was thinking he would propose to her while they were hiking through the mountains (something they both enjoy doing) or while walking through a forest together.

They both live in an area where mountains and forests are numerous, so it would not be hard for her boyfriend to set the stage in an outdoorsy way.

She was truly looking forward to the day he was going to ask for her hand in marriage, and she could envision how exciting it all was going to be.

Make no mistake, she and her boyfriend have talked about the actual proposal numerous times, and they had even thrown around ideas for which mountain close to them would be the most perfect for the proposal.

“Yesterday, after I came back home from work exhausted, we cooked, watched tv, and at some point, I went to the hallway to hang a coat,” she explained.

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