Honey, These Are Just Not Your Average Water Bottles & Here’s Why

If there’s one thing that really gets to me, it’s having to drag all of my junk with me to the gym. Or the pool. Or the beach. Or while hiking. Or while going to the barn to ride my horses. Where’s a girl supposed to put all her stuff?

Pockets can only fit so much, and as much as I love my giant bag that I can definitely maybe live out of for a solid week, I hate having to drag that around for those aforementioned trips. On top of it, I’m a fan of staying hydrated and I’m constantly toting a water bottle around with me, so it’s a complete juggling act between me and my things.

I’m not going to drag a clutch with me because there’s just no room for it and I don’t want any of my nice ones to get ruined or beat up on my activities. Bindle Bottle to the rescue! Honey, these are not your average water bottles, and here’s why!

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Bindle Bottle makes the first-ever insulated water bottle that also has a storage compartment! You can bring along all your essentials without having to worry about juggling them, losing them, or losing your mind while trying to keep track of everything.

They also come in a variety of beautiful colors.

Bindle Bottle can carry your keys, cash, snacks, credit cards, favorite lip gloss, headphones; the possibilities are endless!

I’m absolutely in love with the Bindle Bottle, and it’s bound to be your new favorite thing too. If you’re a girl on the go, you can’t afford to not be carrying a Bindle Bottle.

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