He Uninvited His Girlfriend To Dinner With His Family Because She Didn’t Dress Modestly And Now He’s Asking The Internet If He Was Being Unreasonable

A 25-year-old man has been seeing his 24-year-old girlfriend for 3 years, and while his girlfriend did get to previously meet his immediate family, she never had the chance to meet his extended family members until recently.

Every month on a Sunday, his grandma throws a dinner party for the whole family at the estate where she lives.

So, for pretty much 3 years, his girlfriend never got invited to these family dinners up until this past December.

“This is because my grandmother would prefer to not have non-family and partners that haven’t been around for a while present,” he explained.

“When she attended in December, I got word that my grandmother didn’t approve of her choice of clothing and won’t welcome her back if she doesn’t dress better.”

“My aunt told me that grandma thought she dressed, “whorish”. Now I fully disagree and so did my family and my aunt.”

“My girlfriend was admittedly dressed slightly less conservative than the other women but I wouldn’t call what she was wearing immodest at all.”

Well, tomorrow is family dinner again at grandma’s estate, and he decided to ask his girlfriend if she could wear something much more conservative this weekend.

He really wants to avoid another issue with the family over how his girlfriend chooses to dress herself, so he thought it would be ok to check in on what she was wearing before Sunday.

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