She Didn’t Abide By The Dress Code At Her Best Friend’s Wedding Due To Her Pregnancy And The Bride Feels She Ruined The Wedding

A 24-year-old woman’s 25-year-old best friend Dan tied the knot this past Sunday. Dan’s wife, Ana, insisted that she wanted all of their wedding guests to wear bright clothing.

Ana also specifically said she did not want any of their guests to arrive at their wedding wearing anything black, since she feels it’s a rather “sad color.”

Knowing that she wasn’t supposed to show up wearing black, she picked out a green-colored dress to wear to the wedding.

Now, when she picked out this dress, she admits that she was aware she was pregnant, and she was also aware of the fact that she would most likely have to get the dress tailored as she got closer to the wedding.

She waited until the wedding was several days out before trying the dress on to check the fit of it.

Unfortunately, at this point, it just did not fit her and she couldn’t get it tailored. She then tried on other dresses in her closet, finding that there was just one that still fit her body and made her feel good.

Since she is expecting twins and recently purchased a house, she mentioned that she did not have money to simply go out and start buying other options.

The bad news here is that this one dress that she liked and that fit…was black. Knowing that’s not what Ana wanted, she approached Dan about wearing that specific dress.

Dan replied that she was allowed to wear the dress to the wedding, and so she did. Then, the day of the wedding arrived, she put on the black dress, and she went.

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