She Disappeared Over A Year Ago And Then Her Purse Was Found In Her Favorite Park: Where Is Lauren Dumolo?

Cassie promised to help Lauren the next day with getting set up with unemployment and she also wanted to help Lauren better manage her mental health.

Unfortunately, Cassie never got a chance to speak to Lauren further, because the very next day, she vanished.

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Lauren’s sister Cassie

As detectives worked to piece together where Lauren had gone, they learned that after Gabriel had said goodbye to her on the morning of her disappearance, at around 8 a.m., a maintenance man who worked at Lauren’s apartment complex recalled seeing her.

After that, there is simply no sign of Lauren, except for her purse sitting in the Four Freedoms Park which was found that same day that she went missing.

Facebook; pictured above Lauren smiles

Hundreds of leads have come in about Lauren’s disappearance, but she still remains missing, and her family is still left looking for answers.

Authorities do suspect that Lauren is in danger, and they are asking that anyone with knows where she is or who spotted her on or after June 19th of last year to please come forward.

Lauren is now 30-years-old, she weighs 110 pounds, and she is 5’0″. She has brown eyes and light brown colored hair, though it is dyed blonde with brown roots.

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